The Key to Getting the Results You Want

What You MUST Do To Get Results In The GYM!!!

Many of you may know that I competed in a Men’s Physique contest at the end of April. I never wanted to do a ‘bodybuilding’ show, but when I became aware of the Men’s Physique division, it intrigued me. My body type (endomorph) is the type where it is extremely hard to add muscle. So I have that against me. I also don’t want to get up on stage and flex and pose in a Speedo. I have all the respect in the world for people that do it, it’s just not my thing.

Anyway, besides my diet being spot on, I was also on point in the gym. Let me explain….

I started with a very specific workout. I was in the gym doing weights 4 days a week initially, and that was bumped up per my trainer to 6 days towards the end. I was doing cardio 6 times per week  per my trainer. AND, here’s the key point, I was keeping track of everything.

I purchased a workout journal from Amazon, and wrote down every workout that I performed. Every set, every rep, every stair that I climbed. It may sound a bit obsessive, and you may ask, ‘Why?’ Let me explain

If you want to get stronger, if you want to get in better shape, if you want to have better cardiovascular conditioning, you MUST push yourself. You MUST work harder each and every workout. You MUST lift more weight this workout than last workout. You MUST climb more stairs this workout than last workout. It’s all about progression. You must challenge your body, challenge your muscles, push yourself so that you will grow. While it is quite a simple concept, it is not easy to do.

I use something like this:


Of course, you can use anything you like, but the key is to look to see what you did your last workout and work your tail off to do better. If you only lift an extra 2.5 lbs, who cares!? That’s a victory. If you got 6 reps last time, but you get 6 and 3/4 reps this time, great! If you climbed 200 stories last time you did cardio, beat that, climb 205 this time. Get the point?

If you don’t push yourself, you WILL NOT get the results you want or expect. Is it easy? Heck no its not easy. It sure the heck is worth it though.