Starting and Sticking to a New Workout Program

Starting and Sticking to a New Diet Program
So you’ve decided to start a new diet program and you’re excited about finally achieving your weight loss goals. You follow every direction on the program, you eat only what is on your ‘allowed foods’ list and you exercise every day. You start to see some results; then, inevitably, the novelty wears off and you start craving those cookies that are in the cupboard. Your healthy eating habits start to slide and pretty soon, you’ve fell off the wagon completely.

If that scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Thousands of people eagerly start their weight loss program, only to fall by the wayside, either because of their temptations or because they’ve become bored with the plan. There are, however, ways that you can stay motivated and stick to your weight loss program.

Here are some tips on what to do the next time you’re tempted by those cookies in the cupboard, and how to stay on your program until you reach your goals:

● Have a glass of water: Sometimes, people mistake hunger for thirst. Grab a nice cold glass of water the next time you feel hungry. You will instantly feel fuller and it might even make those cravings go away.

● Write down your Why: What do you want more? To be healthy and strong? Or to have two minutes of satisfaction and sweet tasting calories? Write down why it’s important for you to lose weight. Your reasons may just outweigh the need for a taste of something sweet. You have to look at the big picture.

● Go for a short walk: Get some fresh air by going for a quick walk around the block. When you come back, you may just find you don’t want those treats anymore.

● Keep your hands busy: Do a crossword, write a letter, play a video game – anything to keep your hands busy and away from the cupboard.

● Chart your progress: The next time you’re tempted, pull out your weight loss and measurement chart to see how far you’ve come. It may be enough motivation for you to keep going and not ruin all the success you’ve had so far.

● Reward yourself: For every 10 pounds you lose, reward yourself with a small token; a manicure, a new shirt, a new pair of pants. Tell yourself that if you eat those cookies, you won’t be able to get your reward.

● Have a treat, and then work out: If you absolutely MUST have those cookies, then go ahead and have them. Then, go for a walk, jog or spend 30 minutes in the gym to work off some of those calories. It’s important to get right back on track. Don’t beat yourself up over it, and don’t let it get you in a funk. A treat now and then will not cause you to derail your whole diet.

● Find a healthier food choice: Carrot sticks don’t taste quite the same as cookies, but if you’re looking for something sweet, how about some pineapple or strawberries? They are much healthier and will give that yummy sweetness that you’re craving.