5 Tips to lose the last 10 pounds

How to Lose the Last 10 lbs: Overcoming the Last Hurdle


Everyone who has undergone some form of diet will all attest that losing weight is never easy. The truth is that it never is, because to begin with, it requires life-changing decisions. You literally have to say goodbye to your old ways. However, this is not such a bad thing because your old ways have never done you much good, your old habits made you unhealthy and fat. For many people, dieting is not just about looking good but staying healthy. The real struggle comes when you are on your last leg of your weight reduction program. How to lose the last 10 lbs is usually the most difficult. This is typically the time that you ease up a bit on your exercise program or allow yourself a little slice of that tempting chocolate cake. After all, you need some kind of treat for all that hard work. The only problem is that once you give in into these little cravings, you may have easily gained in a week the weight you struggled to lose in 2 months!

It is imperative that you stay focused on the goal or the finish line. The following tips should about cover the basics on how to lose the last 10 lbs. and overcoming the last hurdle:

  • Believe and it will happen. A more popular version would be “build it and they will come” and as soon as Kevin Costner built his ‘Field of Dreams,’ people came in one long endless line.  You may think it is just plain talk, but many have been helped by this simple technique and you really have nothing to lose by doing so. So envision yourself to be slimmer and healthier for the power of the mind can help you achieve your goals. After all, the key to losing weight is by willing it.
  • Eat more but small. Eat a good well-balanced diet rich with protein, fibrous carbohydrates and vegetables. Try eating several small meals rather than big full ones. Women can do with 5 small meals every three hours while men may add one more. By eating in increments, your body does not work too hard to burn the food. In this way, you also enhance your metabolism.
  • Lift and Run. For many dieters, they often do plenty of cardio-workouts, but forget about doing some weight lifting. Exercise takes two forms: one is to burn those surplus calories while the other is to build muscles. So make sure that you complement your jogging routine with some weight training. Do not forget to match your exercise with the right calorie consumption that you need so that you will not starve or exhaust yourself.
  • Do not over-sleep. While sleep is very important to rejuvenate and heal our bodies, over-sleeping can be counter-productive. Since you are in your last hurdle in losing that last 10 lbs., it is important that you stay active by not staying too long in your bed.
  • Exactness. The last 10 lbs do not come off easy, you have to make sure you are following your diet to a ‘T’ and tracking everything you eat, and pushing yourself in the gym.

You are almost there so gather all the willpower and strength you can muster for the finish line. This brings not only the body you desired, but also the confidence, knowing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.