I know I’m not the fastest. I’m not the strongest. I don’t have the biggest muscles, I can’t jump the highest, etc..

But, those things that I can control, I WILL CONTROL. I can control whether I get up in the morning and get to the gym, and I WILL. I can control whether I give it 100% in the gym, and I WILL. I can control what I put in my mouth, and I WILL.

Will you do it this time? You may have committed in the past to lose weight (fat), to go work out, to stick to your diet. Make the commitment today to do it. Make it today and start the journey today. Don’t wait until Monday, don’t wait until January 1, make that commitment today and get it done.

It doesn’t matter if you are the best. What matters is that you are giving your best. Each and every day!