How to Transform Your Body Once and For All!!!

Enough Excuses, Let’s Do IT This Time!!!

Chances are you have ‘dieted’ before, or tried to lose ‘weight’. Before I go on, let me just say something about the word ‘diet’. To me, the term diet infers that you are changing your eating habits for a Losing Weight Tydownsfitness.comshort period of time that you are doing something for a little while and then you will change back. While my programs start at 8 weeks, and 12 weeks, I want and expect you to apply those things you’ve learned and the habits you’ve made well beyond that. I want you to be successful and happy with your body, in order for that to happen; you need to continue those things you’ve learned.

Now a word about the term ‘losing weight’. When you are trying to transform your body, trying to get in shape, build muscle, etc. the focus should be on losing FAT. You don’t want to lose muscle. FAT, FAT, FAT. So, keep that in mind.

This article is for the average Joe Schmo. The Mom that wants to lose weight and tone up and look fantastic for her 10 year reunion. The Dad who gets up at 7 to work a 12 hour shift. The college student who suddenly finds himself out on his own and planning his meals on his own for the first time. This is for the normal, everyday person who wants to get in better shape, who wants to lose that fat and see some definition. Is it for the advanced bodybuilder? No it isn’t, though no doubt, the principles in here could help anybody.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn step by step what it takes for you to have the body of your dreams. You’ve seen the people on TV, in the Gym, or wherever with a rockin’ body. Well, guess what, if you have the determination, the fortitude, the will and the desire, you will be the one turning heads! You will be the one feeling veins in your abs! You will be the one stepping out of the shower doing a double take saying “Dang, check that out”! It’s there for the taking, let’s go get it!!!


  •    I. Goals. What are yours?

Why do we need goals? I’m sure we have all went about our lives just going from here to there, whatever happens, happens, right? What were the results? More than likely they were just so-so. Why? Well, think about it, you did not have a clear end in mind of what you wanted to accomplish, it’s as simple as that.

When I made my transformation, I made the goal, that in 14 weeks I physically was going to look like a different person. I was absolutely going to give it 100%, day in day out. This meant still getting up at 4am (my choice) to hit the gym (you don’t have to do this, but it worked for me!) it meant hitting my macros and staying on my food program even when I went to a family barbeque, and they had all my favorite foods: brownies, hamburgers, chips, soda, hot dogs, better than sex dessert, etc. It meant keeping focus and reminding myself what I truly wanted when I went out of town for work for days at a time and had to eat on the road. I was able to keep my focus and remind myself what I truly wanted more, to be ripped or to have the very temporary pleasure of a brownie which lasts 30 seconds to a minute. This doesn’t mean you have to always deprive yourself of the foods you love. If you can fit those foods into your diet then go right ahead.

Write your goals down and review them often. Some people tell others what their goals are to keep them accountable, others will write them on sticky notes and post them everywhere, they put them on their sidebar on their computer, whatever it is, remind yourself often so they are constantly fresh in your memory.Don't Lie to Yourself, You are Fat

  •      A. Long Term

Okay, let’s take a look into the future. Let’s look one year from now. Where do you want to be with your fitness goals? Lose 100 lbs.? Lose 25? Tone up? Whatever it is, first visualize it. Visualize yourself one year from now having accomplished that goal. How will you look? How will you feel, both physically and mentally? Better than right now? You bet you will! You’ll walk around more confident; this confidence will overflow into your personal and professional and social life. Do you think you will be happier if you stay as you are now or if you are able to make progress and reach your goals?

  •    B . Intermediate

An intermediate goal would be something like the next 12 weeks. What do you want to accomplish with your fitness goals in the next 12 weeks? It seems that so often fitness programs are 12 weeks long, why is that? Probably because 12 weeks is long enough to see significant results. During a 12 week challenge, it is often around week 4 or so that one becomes frustrated or ready to give up, perhaps it is harder than they anticipated, or they aren’t seeing the results they wanted, whatever it may be, around 4 weeks is when a lot of people drop out of challenges or stop hitting them gym.
We see this at the gym, come Jan 1 the gym will be packed, but by the end of the month, it’ll be back to the regulars for the most part. Keep pushing through it, it will get easier. You will see results if you stay true to the program and to effort you are giving. The thing is, as you make that transformation, you will become more motivated to stick to your program because you will see the benefits of your hard work. You will see the pounds falling off, you will see the muscle building, and you will physically feel healthier.

  •    C. Short Term

Today I am going to be 100% on my diet. At the gym today I am going to give 100% effort. This week I am going to be on point with my diet and training. Those are the kind of short term goals you should be focusing on with this program.

I’m a firm believer that those that succeed in all aspects of life are those that reach of the stars, and have a concrete plan on how they are going to get there. I’m giving you the blueprint, simply personalize it if needed, write your goals down, and get to work!!!


First you are going to need a game plan. You know where you want to end up but how are you going to get there. If you think that you can just eat a little less or skip a bunch of meals and starve Simple, Don't Make It hard, tydownsfitness.comyourself, hit a Zumba class once a week, turn over to PBS and do a workout with the senior citizens on their chairs, then I’m sorry to say, that WILL NOT WORK. You must have a plan that takes you from POINT A, to POINT B, and so on. The nice thing about my programs is that I will provide the blueprint for success. I will not only show you how to get there, but I will explain the why’s behind it.

Imagine this:
You are the point guard for the top college team in the country. You are the floor general. You lead your team with your heart, with your passion, with your energy, and execute the game plan that your coach has implemented. You are playing in the national championship game in one week. Instead of developing a game plan, you simply come into the gym, shoot around for a bit and leave.

Now, do you think anybody in their right mind would do that? Of course NOT! Will you succeed if you are so lackadaisical with your approach? How often do you think one succeeds when they just ‘wing’ it? I’ll tell you what, I want EVERY SINGLE advantage that I can have, and one advantage that I can have is to have a game plan, a blueprint if you will. In this scenario the coaches will develop a game plan on how to be successful and beat the other team.

I encourage you to review this game plan often so you know it inside and out, so it gets to the point that it is second nature to you. As I said before, I GUARANTEE results if you follow my program. Think about that, if a few weeks ago, somebody said that they had the secret formula that could get you the body you’ve always dreamed about, would you be excited about that? Of course you would! I have the formula, it’s not a secret, but I guarantee that it will work!!!