Get it DONE!

Little Motivation to Lose Weight

So, you are sick and tired of it. You are tired of being fat. Tired of being embarrased, tired of being so out of shape that you can’t do basic things like walk up a flight of stairs, or play with your kids, etc. So, today is the day that you are committing yourself to change. Once and for all, you WILL change, you WILL lose fat, you WILL transform your body.Before we begin, I have a video I want to show you. It is extremely powerful. Watch it all the way through, and then continue reading.


Okay, you get that? In the past you may have looked for somebody to blame for your failures, for your challenges with fat loss. Your spouse didn’t support you, you work too long of hours, you travel too much, it is too expensive, blah blah blah. Don’t gimme that. Those are excuses plain and simple.

If you want something, you go get it! Plain and simple. Don’t be intimidated by going to the gym, and working with those that are fit, and appear to have it all together.

You have the power to lose weight. To lose fat, to get the body you want. You can do it. It is simply up to you to get it done.

Do NOT wait until Monday! Do NOT wait until the beginning of next month! Do NOT wait until January 1st. Do it today!!!! Do it today!!!! Get started today. Be healthier today than yesterday. Make proper food choices right now. If you want results then don’t procrastinate any longer, do it today!

If you need some help getting started, you can look at my sample workout and my sample diet. That should help you get going. If you need help calculating calories I also wrote about that. I also wrote about how to start and stick to a new program.

Okay, but seriously, lets do it this time okay? If you need to go back to the video and watch it for a little motivation, go ahead, but commit to yourself, from this time forward, you WILL workout, you WILL watch what you eat. YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOALS ONCE AND FOR ALL. YOU can do it. Trust me. You are strong, you have the strength, the will power, the tenacity, the stick-to-it-ness to do it. Now, just do it.

If you want help along your fat loss journey, I do offer personal training services where I can walk you through it step by step.