Success, Do You Want It?

Success in anything, including weight loss and body transformations, begins with a thought. It starts so simple, just a thought. You only get started on that goal if your desire to have lose the weight and get the body you want outweighs the desire to eat whatever you want, to sleep in, and to be comfortable. Therefore, before you begin to successfully transform your body, it is necessary to make changes Read more [...]

Fail or Succeed, Which Will You Do?

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people that give up at the first sign of resistance? When on a weight loss program, they often give up the first time that they are faced with temptation, or the first week that they don’t lose weight. It doesn’t work! they say. On the other hand you probably know people that try, and try again. People that don’t quit period. Somebody who could be Read more [...]

No Excuses. Just Do It.

When trying to lose weight, (or more correctly trying to lose fat) or gain muscle, or transform your body we often fall into many traps. Don’t fall prey to your mind playing tricks on you. Tell it to take a hike when it comes to the below mind tricks.There’s no use. You are too fat. You aren’t progressing. Your body can’t get lean and ripped. You can’t get a six pack. Go ahead, Read more [...]

#1 Reason Why Most People Can’t Lose Weight

The majority of people that say they want to lose weight will get no closer to transforming their body that I will of landing on the moon. Why is that? Perhaps their body won’t allow them to lose weight? Maybe they have a medical condition? Maybe it just isn’t in the cards for them? From my experience the overwhelming reason that most people don’t succeed with their weight loss goals is lack Read more [...]

Excuses? Nahh, Not Acceptable.

Admit it, we all make excuses. Some of us make excuses about working out, following our diet, others make excuses or justify leaving work early, or skipping out on something that is expected of them.We often see our own actions as justified and warranted.Or we say that we will skip the gym just this once. Or, we will eat like a pig just this once. Or, we will sleep in just this once.But Read more [...]