Cardio & Weights Combined Best Choice For Fat Loss

Woman Running TyDownsFitnessCardio Vs Strength Training For Fat Loss

When it comes to shedding unwanted body fat, there are two schools of thought. Some believe that performing cardio is the best way to get rid of unsightly flab, while others say that strength training can help to make a body look more toned. Although both, when done with the aid of supplements from Predator Nutrition, have plenty going for them, it can be hard to work out which method is best. To find out which method was more effective, a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science revealed the answer.

With the help of a group of 30 obese women, the study saw how cardio, strength training and a combination of the two would work over a set period. To see how each method worked, they split the group of women into three, with one doing cardio, the other strength training and the remainder doing a mix of the two. The cardio group did an hour’s worth of training for six days a week, while the combined group did cardio and weight training three times a week on separate occasions. The women stuck to this regime for 24 weeks.

The results of the study showed that those who performed solely aerobic exercise had seen a 9.2% reduction in the levels of abdominal fat. Meanwhile, those who performed combined training saw their abdominal fat drop by 10.3%, a difference of some 1.1%. Meanwhile, the group that were doing combined training were the only ones to see their lean body mass increase.

Lifting Weights TyDownsFitness Although the results of the study came from a small sample group of obese people,  the evidence is that combining both cardio and strength training can help to burn fat significantly quicker than just doing one or the other. Even though the study had flaws, there’s a chance that people looking to shed those unwanted pounds and look more toned might look to combine cardio and strength training in order to reach their goals.

 My Take

This is something that I have experienced as well. Not only in my own training but in my training of clients as well. All of my peers who are professionals in the business are always recommend weights first and then cardio to supplement that. I talked about 6 benefits of weight lifting a little bit ago, but one benefit that I did not mention is the obvious, increased muscle mass, and literally being able to transform the look and feel of your body. Look at it this way: Would you rather lose 20lbs of muscle and fat and keep the same shape you have right now with little to no muscle definition OR, would you rather lose mainly fat, minimal if any muscle (assuming your diet is in check), and transform the way you look? Firming up your arms, defining your shoulders or chest, losing the jiggle on your legs? This study confirms, lifting weights is essential if you want to transform your body. Feel free to check out my sample routine if you need one, you can also sign up for my newsletter for motivational tips, & fitness and nutrition advise. My newsletter will also keep you abreast on the latest studies, as well as any personal training promotions that I may run.

Bottom line, LIFT WEIGHTS, don’t wait to get started. Get your routine today and take action!!!